A kindergarten in every building

A kindergarten in every building

13 April 2017, 18:02 764
"We will have  solved a kindergarten  problem in next 3-4 years. As  there is a great demand for it, number of both population and children are increasing.” 
According to President Ilham Aliyev told it at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held yesterday. 

The process will start in buildings to be built in 1st micro district  of Baku: " The project on the 1st district has already been prepared, I am sure that realization will be started soon. Instead of old buildings, new ones will be built there. I gave a specific task that public places, kindergartens are to be on the ground floor of new buildings. Thus, there will be kindergartens on the ground floors of each of 75 new buildings which will be solution for a kindergarten problem of Baku. 
The president highlighted that government will have solved the problem within 3-4 years: "Because there is a great demand for it, number of both population and children are increasing. New job places are created. Now, in many cases, both parents are provided with job in a family. So, kindergartens will be needed more. Moreover, local executive authorities should give recommendations to enterprenuers on building of  kindergartens. There should be special areas for construction of kindergartens. However the best option is to have kindergarten in new buildings. 
Will the instruction of the president be able to solve drawbacks in this field? Are construction of these buildings possible? 

The president's special attention to this issue is commendable

Education expert Nadir Israfilov told in his statement to our newspaper that it is an undeniable fact that there are certain problems related to pre-school education: " According to the state strategy on education the process will have covered about 90% of pupils by 2020. It is intended to be one-year compulsory education. Whereas, over lack of such enterprises, some of them carried out in schools, From this point, there is a great need of such buildings. Lots of buildings need to be built to meet the demand. The issue was addressed during a  discussion of "law on pre-school education” in Milli Mejlis. 
Some investors raised the issue due to  building of these enterprises. However, some issues have remained unsolved. 
According to him, number of pre-school education enterprises decreased in comparison with 90s. To get solution for this problem number of pre-school buildings must be increased. During Soviet period, there were special places for kindergartens. These places were for recreation and entertainment of children. But density of Baku should be taken into account in  this issue. 

To have kindergarten in each building will have solved problems of parents. 

Education expert Almaz Hasrat deems the decision is commendable: "Construction of kindergartens  in each building is the name of convenience of residents. It also indication of the public policy of the state to provide comfort of people.”