The 25-year-old editor of “Molla Nasreddin”

The 25-year-old editor of “Molla Nasreddin”

15 February 2016, 18:06 1529
On September 16, 1910 Mirza Jalil made an application to Tbilisi Governor: "Over my 4 months visit to Kehrizli village of Tbilisi, I am writing to you requiring to confirm Mammadali Sidgi in position of  editor of the journal”.
In 1888, Memmedeli Memmed Taghi oghlu Safarov was born in the family of great educator, Memmed Taghi oghlu Sidgi. He got his primary education in "Məktəbi-Tərbiyə” founded by his father. After that he carried on his education in Nakhchivan. 

Initially, Memmedeli worked as a teacher in the Russian-Tatar school in Nakchivan. Then he worked a teacher in Givrag, Shahtakhtli, Gahab villages. In 1910, he came to Tbilisi after invitation of his father’s close friend, Mirza Jalil. 

Mirza Jalil spoke about this in his letter written in June 9th, 1910: "Dear Memmedeli! I have to go to the village. I need someone who could rule "Molla Nasraddin”. I do beleive you will give a hand with it". 

Thereby, from beginning of November 13rd, 1910 to March 19th, 1911 Memmedeli Sidgi was an editor of "Molla Nasraddin” journal.

When he began for the post of,  the journal was in worse condition. The leading typesetter of the journal IsmayiL Hasanzadeh remembers those days: "During fall 1910, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh went to Karabakh for having a rest and gave editorship of the "Molla Nasraddin” journal to Memmedeli Sidgi. Over illness, Sabir could not send his works to the journal. Illnesses of Sabir and Omer Faig, as well as, absence of Jalil detorioreted  the journal’s condition.  Memmedeli was very young. He was almost 25.  Nearly everyone was young in editorial. All of us were patriots of "Molla Nasraddin” journal.

In fact, those days Mirza Jalil had health problems. Despite this he continued to give advices to Memmedeli on the management of the journal. Memmedeli Sidgi worked in several newspapers "Həyat”, "İrşad”, "İqbal” before "Molla Nasraddin” journal. His articles on various themes were published. 

At the end of 1911, Memmedeli Sidgi moved to Baku from Tbilisi and began to work at shcool of "Nəşri-maarif” community in Bulbule village. 
During those years he published some works of his father at printing house of "Kaspi” newspaper. In 1916-1917s he worked a translator in "Sovgat”, "Açıq söz” newspapers.  

He was also close to theatre. He worked a secretary general of "Baku actors union". In summer of 1918 he was on tour in Heshterkhan with theater staff. 

In period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Memmedeli Sidgi worked a translator  in "Azərbaycan” newspaper. In 1918-1919s, together with Semed Mensur, Memmedeli Sidgi published satirical magazine titled "Şeypur” After collapse of the ADR, Sidgi worked an administrator and prompter in state Theatre, as well as, secretary general of Azerbaijan Writers' Union.

Aziz Sherif wrote: "Last years of his life, Memmedeli Sidgi lived in Sumgait and worked in a newspaper of "Social Sumgait". After my request he wrote his memories about his father Memmed Taghi Sidgi and Mirza Alakbar Sabir. However he could not finish writing his memories about Sabir. In 1956, he passed away in Sumgait".

Although Memmedeli Sidgi could not conclude memories about Sabir, the majority of scientists on Sabir deem Sidgi’s memories are very significant material for getting information on the days that Sabir lived  in Tbilisi. 

In conclusion, the journal of "Molla Nasreddin” and people worked here played a significant role in formation of Memmedeli Sidgi as well known writer and intellectual of his period. 

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