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56 passports found in water channel in Azerbaijan’s Imishli

56 passports found in water channel in Azerbaijan’s Imishli
A group of teenagers have found 56 national passports in a bag while swimming in the Boztepe River in the Sarikhanli village, Azerbaijan’s Imishli district, APA’s local bureau reported.

The passports have been handed over to the Imishli district police department.

"Children found a cellophane bag with many passports inside while swimming in a water channel in the Sarikhanli village of Imishli district on June 12 and handed over them to the district police office. There were 56 passports in the bag,” Interior Ministry Ehsan Zahidov told APA.

The spokesman noted that the passports have expired and the personal data on them has been erased.

"Rather than burning these expired documents, someone seems to have thrown them into the channel in an irresponsible manner,” he said, adding that investigation into the fact is continuing.




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