2017 will be successful for our country

2017 will be successful for our country

14 April 2017, 17:59 531
The economic reforms carried out in Azerbaijan allowed our country to get out of the economic crisis of 2014 with minimum losses, as it was in 2008 global financial crisis. It’s true that the sharp decline in the global oil prices caused a decrease in the revenues to the state budget in the first stage and the national currency devaluated twice.  But president Ilham Aliyev, the successor of the political course of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, managed to save our country from a disaster. The far-sighted policy of turning "black gold” to human capital, support for small and medium businesses, development of the non-oil sector was accompanied with the growth of Azerbaijani economy during the years of crisis. The importance of the regional development program should be stressed. The measures, implemented as part of these programs, reduced the difference between the capital city and the regions, new production facilities were created and hundreds of thousands of new jobs were made. All of this led to an increase in the standards of living among the citizens. The aforementioned facts are often reflected in the reports of the international organizations, and the growth dynamics of the economy and positive reforms are commended. But the time does not stop and is moving rapidly forward, the world faces new demands with each passing day and year. Azerbaijan implements measures to keep up with times and ensure the sustainable economic growth and raise the standards of living. The statements president made during the conference of the Cabinet of Ministers, dedicated to the outcomes of the first semester of 2017. Head of the state stated that the economy developed in the first semester and all the forecasts came true. According to the outcomes of the first semester, Azerbaijan developed in all areas and our international position strengthened, and the domestic processes moved in a positive direction and the economic growth was ensured and some social issues were resolved. Azerbaijani president emphasized that very serious social initiatives were proposed and that we would achieve all our goals this year. He noted that 2017 would be a successful year for our country: "Main indicators of our economy is the non-oil sector, non-oil industry and agriculture. There are positive results in all of these areas. The non-oil sector , industry and agriculture have grown by 2.4%, 2% and 3.5%, respectively. I want to point out in particular that the plant-growing has grown by 20%. This shows that our measures, serious reforms and investments are paying off. In the first semester, our foreign currency reserves have risen by a billion dollars. Now we have a foreign currency reserves worth 38.5 billion dollars. The foreign trade turnover had increased by 15% in the last three months. It is a very good number. The export has grown by 50%. And what’s more rejoicing is the fact that the non oil sector accounted for 10% of the export. The import fell by 17%. This is the reflection of our policies in practice”.  

President Ilham Aliyev talked about the future objectives and prospects in the meeting, along with the reforms and measures that had been carried out and the achievements.  

To summarize it, the main future objective is to keep the industrial production and the development of the agriculture at the center of attention. This area still remains a priority. Head of the state notes that the word started in this area should be accelerated and macro-economic stability should be guaranteed and artificial price hikes should be prevented.  

The work related to irrigation of the farmlands of 150 thousand hectares is planned to come to an end during this year. "Pivot Irrigation systems” and "Pesticide factory” created to help the development of the agriculture are some of the main priorities. In parallel, measures to create large agrarian zones and farmer agriculture will be continued and the control over this area will be strengthened. All of these is expected to seriously impact the agriculture.  
It should be noted that Azerbaijani oil is promoted all over the world through the Ministry of Economics and other state agencies and trade houses are being established in other countries and trade-export missions are carried out. All of these aforementioned facts and analysis provided by the president allows us to say that 2017 will be remembered as the year of success and growth in modern Azerbaijani history.  

Erturan Ismayil